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Live Virtual Event: Covid 19 Vaccines: Patent Rights Vs. Public Interest

General / Sep 22, 2020

On Wednesday, September 30, Senior Associate Ephraim Heiliczer will present at a webinar titled “Covid 19 Vaccines: Patent Rights Vs. Public Interest”

This virtual discussion will explore the Patent rights available to Pharma companies to reap the benefits of hard work and investment vs. public rights to get access to life-saving vaccines at affordable rates. What is right vs. what is ethical?

Key Topics for discussion:
• Tracking the Vaccines; their status and the required protocols for the launch;
• Specific IP/Legal provisions to counter Patents in case of emergency/pandemic;
• The probable impact of forced Compulsory license on the overall innovation ecosystem;
• The role of Govt; treading the tight rope between Intellectual Property Rights & Public Good

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