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Agriculture and FoodTech


The agricultural and foodtech sectors have their own laws, their own business models and their own traditions, and as technology evolves and the world changes, new exciting opportunities and fresh challenges form ahead. From drip irrigation firms to start-ups focused on yield and harvest management, the technology, smart machinery and robotics increasingly used are having a huge impact on communities, businesses and countries around the world.

Pearl Cohen’s Agriculture and Foodtech group provides start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and established players in the industry with experienced counsel, which is vital to helping attract both strategic and equity investors. Between 2014-18, Israeli firms operating in the food and agricultural industries raised some USD 800 million across more than 250 deals, with 2019 being a record year, according to the data compiled by Start-Up Nation Central.

From seed and growth stage to established agriculture and foodtech companies, we advise on a myriad of issues, including venture capital, strategic investments, joint ventures, commercial and license agreements, regulatory compliance and intellectual property protection.

Our preeminence in the intellectual property (IP) and commercial fields and seamless collaboration across our international offices, reassures our agriculture and foodtech clients and helps them to protects their intellectual property (whether innovations, copyrights, trade secrets or otherwise), to successfully resolves any IP disputes, to choose wisely their investors and partners and ultimately unequivocally supports their long-term objectives as they look to thrive in the years ahead.