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Climate Change & Renewables

Along with the growing awareness of climate changes, we at Pearl Cohen are also always on the alert when it comes to dynamic policy and the changing reality of the current era.


It is currently clear to everyone that areas of climate change and the environment are an important part of the world economy, and that these areas are also expected to receive more and more attention from countries and the business sector. As technology evolves and the world changes, new and fascinating opportunities are created as well as new challenges in these areas. From drip irrigation companies to start-ups focusing on crop and harvest management and technology, the growing use of smart machines and robotics has a major impact on communities, businesses, and countries around the world. In addition, the field of meat and dairy substitutes is flourishing, and various companies are developing plant varieties and food-processing processes that will meet this need.

As awareness of sustainability, resource conservation and environmental protection grows, the importance of new technologies increases to streamline production and energy use processes and to develop alternative energy sources, as well as to streamline water use and improve product recycling efficiency. Naturally, this is a very technologically and business-diverse field, and a great deal of expertise is required to promote companies in the field.

Through partners and lawyers who specialize in the environment, Pearl Cohen provides a range of legal services to support its clients in the field, from startups to giant companies – from intellectual property protection, through commercial law and regulation, to IPO and litigation stages. Attorneys from our firm, who specialize in the field of the environment are familiar with the dynamic policy of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and are familiar with all the changes and regulatory developments in the field of environmental law around the world.

Our firm represents, inter alia¸ high-tech companies in the field of the environment; has its finger on the pulse when it comes to burning issues in the field of environmental laws in general and the Environmental Protection Law in particular; skilled in conducting environmental due diligence and legal examination of environmental risks – including air pollution, groundwater pollution and soil pollution, and accompanies huge transactions for mergers and acquisitions of companies in the fields of the environment.