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Iconic ‘Source’ Sandals Gain Their Place in 3D Trademark Hall of Fame

Firm News / Feb 22, 2024

Recently, our client’s ‘Source’ classic sandal joined the exclusive club of 3D trademarks.

3D trademarks are rare, registered in cases where a product’s shape becomes closely associated with its manufacturer, providing unique identification. Examples include Toblerone’s world-famous chocolate and the Vespa motorcycle. In Israel, only about 450 3D trademarks are registered, out of tens of thousands of ordinary trademarks, with only a few ones not bearing the company’s name (such as the Crocs sandal and chocolate Toffifee) and now – also the Source sandal!

Our partners Nathaniel Agou and Doron Sieradzki, alongside Associate Ori Faust, who have submitted the TM application, have proven the classic sandal’s cultural significance in Israel. Among other things, it has been hailed as the quintessential Israeli product with various fashion interpretations, and that’s just scratching the surface.

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