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Humanigen Secures Exclusive Worldwide License for the Prevention of GvHD through GM-CSF Neutralization from the University of Zurich

General / Jul 24, 2019
Humanigen, Inc., (HGEN) (“Humanigen”) announced that it has secured an exclusive worldwide license agreement from the University of Zurich (UZH) for technology used to prevent GvHD through GM-CSF neutralization.  The technology was recently featured in a publication in Science Translational Medicine entitled “Graft-versus-host disease, but not graft-versus-leukemia immunity, is mediated by GM-CSF-licensed myeloid cells”1. The Humanigen license covers various patent applications filed by UZH which complement and broaden Humanigen’s leadership position in the application of GM-CSF and expand Humanigen’s development platform to include improving allogeneic HSCT.
Mark Cohen, Senior Partner and Chair of the Life Science Practice Group represents Humanigen, Inc. in its intellectual property and commercial transactional matters.