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Real Estate

We provide extensive legal support from the beginning stages of a project to its closing


With extensive experience in a wide variety of real estate transactions as well as complex real estate litigation, our Real Estate Group delivers results efficiently and professionally. In particular, our attorneys specialize in the initiation and materialization of commercial and private building projects and investment ventures of all sizes, both in Israel and abroad. We provide close legal support from the beginning stages of a project to its closing and handle negotiations with counterparties planning and building authorities, financial institutions, and municipalities, among others.

Our clients consist of both public and private investors and owners, including building companies, industrial companies, investment companies, and many others. We assist our clients with combination ventures, sale and purchase agreements, purchaser guarantees, contractor agreements, building agreements, funding agreements, partnership agreements, and lease and partnership agreements.

In addition, we provide the necessary regulatory expertise with respect to the planning and building authorities, on matters varying from zoning to national land planning programs, changing land designations, and expansion of population centers. We also advise individuals and companies on all aspects of real estate-related tax planning, including betterment sales purchase, levies and tolls, and tax appeals and reservations.

Our attorneys handle basic building permits, requests for easements and deviating use, licensing and preparation of expert opinions on legal and development aspects, the examination of building rights, assessments of property values, tax planning, and registering and amending property rights in the land registry bureau (including Condominiums’ registration). The Group also provides services relating to the location of absentee assets and handling their materialization as well as landlord and Tenant Law, particularly evacuation procedures.