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Infrastructure and Energy

Our firm has acquired significant expertise in representing and advising complex infrastructure and energy projects.


For a pioneer generation, each brick, wall, and road brings the fulfillment and satisfaction that accompany building something new.  For the generations that follow, those bricks, walls, and roads are larger and more sophisticated, but the fulfillment and satisfaction of delivering new infrastructure are just as powerful and meaningful.

For the Project Finance, Infrastructure, & Energy practice group at Pearl Cohen, a highway, a rail line, a power plant, a port, or a logistics center, is more than just construction work.  They are the continuation of an effort that began 70 years ago when the state was born, and that continues today as Israel develops its infrastructure to match the challenges of growing into a modern country by applying technological improvements to existing utilities to manage demographic changes.   The Project practice group combines its training, expertise, and experience with the ideals and motivation of making a long-term investment in a country and its people.

Pearl Cohen’s Project Finance, Infrastructure, & Energy practice group has deep roots in Israeli infrastructure and is recognized by BDI as a Leader in this field.  We have advised and assisted in the largest and most complex infrastructure projects for clients who demand the highest level of legal service and industry knowledge.

Our abilities run deep along two axes.

In scope, we bring deep experience acting for concessionaires, EPC contractors, O&M contractors, subcontractors, developers, and State agencies in fields as diverse as transportation (road and rail), power (conventional and renewable) , security (defense and homeland) and civil and marine engineering projects.

In coverage, we bring expertise to:

  • Tender and competitive bidding stages where we maximize our client’s chances of winning tenders
  • Acting on petitions to dismiss the successful bidder
  • Preparing and negotiating project agreements, including BOT and PFI concession agreements, EPC Contracts, and Operation & Maintenance agreements
  • Negotiating financing agreements and security arrangements
  • Obtaining licenses and permits for land use, land disputes, environmental regulations and other governmental consents
  • Contract administration and project management during both construction and maintenance periods, where we advise on claim formation, extension requests, change orders and regulatory compliance
  • Acting on delay, disruption and prolongation disputes commensurate with large-scale construction projects

The Project Finance, Infrastructure, & Energy practice group is backed by Pearl Cohen as a full-service, multidisciplinary law firm to give seamless input from our litigation, real estate, zoning and planning, tax and other practice groups.

We specialize in helping clients from overseas as they enter the Israeli infrastructure market and navigate their way to award, construction and delivery of landmark projects in Israel.  Our lawyers were trained in the project finance groups of leading international firms such as Sullivan & Cromwell, Shearman Sterling in New York and Allens- Linklaters in Sydney, where they worked on major infrastructure projects in the U.S and Australia.  We bring that same quality and service to our work in Israel.

For the Pearl Cohen Project Finance, Infrastructure, & Energy practice group, your project is our fulfillment.