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Live Webinar: Crossing the 49th Parallel During the Pandemic as a Worker, July 15, 2020

Events / Jul 02, 2020

Please join Pearl Cohen and Long Mangalji LLP on July 15th (12:00pm EST) for a joint webinar on how workers can enter and obtain work permits in the United States and Canada.

Pearl Cohen speakers Ari Farkas, Partner and Chair of the U.S. Business Immigration Group, and Rebecca Lenetsky, Associate, along with Elizabeth Long, Partner at Long Mangali LLP will address:

  • How the recent travel bans from the United States and Canada affect the ability to obtain work permits in both countries
  • The special exemptions of Canadians from the Presidential Proclamation dated June 22, barring temporary visas
  • How to plan for work permit applications in the post-pandemic world

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