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Travel and Hospitality


The growth in worldwide tourism, including the increasing number of tourists visiting Israel, continues to drive the ambitious plans of many participants in the travel and hospitality industry. Domestic and boutique hotels, as well as international chains, are striving to expand to meet demand, renovating existing buildings, building rooms and adding hotels to their portfolio each year.

As an owner, investor, lender or operator in the hotels and leisure sector, clients are looking for the most comprehensive legal advice. Pearl Cohen’s Travel and Hospitality group is one of the most thriving groups in the market, drawing on a successful track record in offering cutting-edge advice on corporate, tax, financing, real estate, construction, litigation, and other matters.

In an ever-growing clientele, we represent clients at both ends of the spectrum, from established hotel brands, such as the global Hilton chain, to new boutique hotel owners, with regards to all their transactions and dealings with the Ministry of Tourism. Clients also turn to us for our understanding of contemporary business and legal issues unique to the hospitality industry, including investments, acquisitions, sales, regulatory issues, litigation and more. Furthermore, working as one integrated team allows us to represent clients in contentious matters too.