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Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare

The Life Science Practice Group’s team of attorneys and patent attorneys provide guidance for pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies throughout their life cycle, and help them achieve their technological and business goals.


The field of biotech and healthcare has been rapidly transforming, thanks to technological breakthroughs and phenomenal successes, and our firm is at the forefront of this activity.

Our leading attorneys offer pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies ongoing and wide-ranging legal counsel, from handling all intellectual property issues, including drafting, filing, and prosecuting patent applications, to issuances on international stock exchanges and raising capital worldwide. Our firm provides new and mature pharma companies of all sizes with the legal and proprietary services they need under one professional and experienced roof.

Thanks to some of the world’s most experienced patent attorneys, as well as attorneys with a deep understanding of business, technology, and, of course, law in a variety of countries, our clients in the pharma industry benefit from professional guidance and peace of mind that enable them to achieve their goals and thrive.

In recent years, our attorneys have been guiding and advising pharma companies that have undergone rapid change and development, such as the transition from chemical to biological cancer treatments, the use of mRNA-based vaccines, and other scientific breakthroughs.

The Life Science Practice Group’s attorneys and patent attorneys represent the leading pharma companies in the world, and specialize, among other things, in providing opinions regarding patents and other intellectual property rights and their registration; drafting intellectual property agreements and managing negotiations; opinion, competitive analysis, legal and regulatory guidance for clinical trials at all stages; licenses; legal representation in courts; preparation of prospectuses and report for stock exchanges; tax law employment law; and more.