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Materials and Nanotechnology

Our Materials and Nanotechnology experts draws on the experience of 50 patent attorneys and agents.


Materials science continues to be a key interdisciplinary practice area for Pearl Cohen, involving more than 50 patent attorneys and scientific advisers, many with laboratory and market experience and advanced degrees from the world’s top academic institutions.
Nanotechnology, the forefront of materials science, has driven an explosion of new ideas, in cosmetics, coatings, batteries, sensors, pharmaceuticals, and countless other technology areas. These advances have generated a wave of patent filings, as start-ups and established companies seek to protect their most important innovations. Pearl Cohen provides insightful strategic thinking throughout the patent process, ensuring that patents align with a company’s objectives and stand up to the challenges of litigation.

The ability to leverage technological advances in the materials science field often requires inputs from different disciplines: from chemistry and biology to electrical engineering and physics. Our critical wealth of understanding in these areas helps Pearl Cohen clients, from start-ups to dominant global players, take advantage of the intellectual property generated in their organizations, to obtain and enforce world-class, litigation-ready IP.

Our attorneys are authorized to practice before the USPTO, the EPO, the UK Intellectual Property Office, and the Israeli Patent Office (IPO) providing an efficient and seamless platform for global patent protection and enforcement. Our Materials and Nanotechnology Group stands ready to assist clients beyond the patent grant, with ready access to corporate, tax, and other groups within Pearl Cohen, to meet the challenges of fundraising, licensing, and IP enforcement.