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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Our team helps businesses overcome the legal, regulatory and business challenges.


Managing any organization can be challenging but start-ups and businesses in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector come with an entirely new set of unique challenges. The rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain-enabled technologies, has started to hit the mainstream and this explosive growth has given rise to new legal and regulatory issues. Alongside evolving technologies, volatile market conditions, fluctuating values, and ever-adapting regulations, business owners and investors need to be proactive to tackle these challenges swiftly and effectively.

Pearl Cohen’s thriving Blockchain and Cryptocurrency group helps businesses overcome the legal, regulatory and business challenges, comply with the changing regulations and maximize their opportunities.

Pearl Cohen’s diverse roster contains some of the veteran and largest direct trading platforms for cryptocurrency, as well as top tier companies who have built technology using the blockchain protocol or for blockchain-related products. For these and other clients, we regularly advise on the protection and enforcement of blockchain technologies, regulatory aspects of finance and trading, as well as patent registration, taking advantage of these technologies’ huge potential and disruptive impact.

We also advise on:

  • the negotiation of investment transactions
  • the preparation of customer, license, consulting and employment agreements
  • the compliance with the myriad of regulatory issues
  • initial coin offerings (ICOs)
  • taxation, such as Bitcoin taxation
  • legal disputes
  • issues around cyber threats, privacy and information security
  • expanding operations overseas and setting up US subsidiaries

Such an extensive offering helps blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses embrace the promise and potential of innovation and enjoy the substantial fruits of their hard work.