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Client Update / Apr 08, 2021

Yesterday, on Wednesday April 7, 2021 a significant relaxation to Israel’s policies regarding the arrival and entry of foreign businessmen and women into Israel, came into force. Whilst the global Corona battle rages on, Israel is carefully and gradually re-opening its economy.

As part of the new relaxation rules, business people who require spending time in Israel can now do so as follows:

  • Contact the representative office of the State of Israel in the country of their residence who may issue a permit to their request for entry, subject to the following conditions:
    • Receipt of an initial approval from the Population and Immigration Authority – or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – which may be issued on the basis of presentation of a permit from the Ministry of Economy, and in the case of an unvaccinated businesses person, an additional permit from the Israeli Ministry of Health.
    • Negative PDR Corona test results (performed up to 72 hours before the flight) in the country of origin and subject to further testing upon arrival in Israel.
    • Presentation of a valid health insurance policy that includes a clause that covers incidents in relation to the Corona virus.
    • Persons who were already vaccinated or recovered from Corona: a commitment to meet the conditions of isolation and tests as in the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health, including a serological test and electronic supervision as may be required.

Further to the continued re-opening of the Israeli economy, the new policy also benefits other sectors of foreigners wanting or needing come to Israel, including experts, artists, athletes, and employees for agriculture, construction and nursing activities.


The Department of Labor Law at our Pearl Cohen office is at your disposal for any questions related to the entry of businessmen / women and employees into Israel in coming months.