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Internship at Pearl Cohen IL

We invite you to begin your legal career in a global, dynamic, young, and growing law firm with offices in the US, the UK, and Israel.


Pearl Cohen is an international law firm with offices in Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Our commitment to innovative legal services requires us to recruit and develop top legal talents. As our firm continues to grow at a rapid rate when hiring we give priority to attorneys who have successfully completed their internship with us. Interns are the next generation of attorneys in our firm.


  • We offer opportunities for future positions in one of our offices in the heart of the most important business centers in the world (Relocation)

  • We believe our employees’ wellbeing is valuable. That’s why we provide well invested social events, Happy Hour activities, benefits such as gym access, and more.

  • We take pride in our friendly, vibrant, and supportive work environment. We have an open-door policy and believe in honest and candid communication.

  • Through our Personal Mentoring Program, you will have an opportunity to receive relevant hands-on professional training, guidance, and advice from senior attorneys at Pearl Cohen.

  • We are one of the fastest-growing leading law firms in Israel. Come work with us!


  •  Mai Weinshtock

    Mai Weinshtock



    Professionally, the interns are an integral part of the work team and get to experience the practical legal work up close. The internship method enables learning and professionalization when you get to work directly with the Attorneys and Partners in our team, be part of meetings with clients, and be involved in all stages of the case. The work environment is different then other firms. The office has a relaxed, light and social atmosphere. As an intern, this is the place to come to, to surface things, and ask questions and to learn in the best way.

  •  Nathalie Georlette

    Nathalie Georlette

    Former Intern and now Attorney at the IL HiTech Group


    The Attorneys and team make you feel an integral part of the work performed for the client, let you be exposed to the communication with them from an early stage of the internship, and make sure to involve you in any task. In addition, the method of the departmental pool allows you to engage in the field in which you are interested while studying the different practices of the attorneys in the team. The attorneys spoke with me on the same level from day one of the internships and asked me how I felt about each task.

  •  Jasmine Lipkin

    Jasmine Lipkin



    Why specialize in Pearl Cohen? Good atmosphere, young environment, excellent human capital. There is a sense of caring coming from the direct and indirect managers. There is a very high flexibility and consideration. The atmosphere is at the office great, all the interns are really cohesive, even among the different departments.

  •  Erez Schwortz

    Erez Schwortz



    Alongside a challenging and educating internship, the pace of learning and adapting are customized to each intern personally. There is always professional guidance from attorneys for every question and request, thanks to an open and pleasant atmosphere among the people in the office. The most significant thing I have taken with me beside the great knowledge I acquired in the office is the relationship I have cultivated with the people in the internship. For interns in the office, there are open spaces where we work together. Working in shared spaces creates a family atmosphere between the interns and a feeling that everyone is there for each other.