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Vayyar Imaging Completes $109 Million Financing Round

Firm News / Nov 21, 2019

Congratulations to our client Vayyar Imaging for completing a $109 million financing round, bringing the capital raised by the company to $188 million. Vayyar develops safe, mobile, low-cost 4D imaging sensors, enabling applications in the fields of cancer detection, people-tracking, vehicle automation, security, radiation-level testing, and construction. Vayar’s technology includes the Walabot which is a device that connects to a mobile phone, and from an app used in renovation work to scan walls in US construction (plaster walls with a wooden frame) and displays an image of the wall’s interior, including pipes, electric wires, and studs, on the phone screen.

Mark Cohen represents Vayyar Imaging on Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark matters.

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