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US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit affirms decision in TriVascular, Inc. v. Samuels

Publications / Mar 09, 2016

Nathan Renov, Partner in Pearl Cohen’s New York office, authored an article recently published in the March edition of IP Strategist regarding TriVascular, Inc. v. Samuels.

In his article, Nathan reviews the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to affirm the written decision of the PTAB of the USPTO regarding U.S. Patent No. 6,007,575 (the ‘575 patent), noting that there is a significant difference between a petitioner’s burden to establish a “reasonable likelihood of success” at institution, and actually proving invalidity by a preponderance of the evidence at trial.

The patent relates to inventions in the field of intraluminal stent technology, and particularly to a vascular stent for treating medical conditions which could cause either vascular stenosis or an aneurysm.

CLICK HERE to read the article in the Intellectual Property Strategist.