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Micha Tollman

  • Head of Infrastructure and Energy Practice Group, Partner
  • Tel Aviv
Micha represents leading construction companies deliver large scale public infrastructure projects, and has been lead partner on a number of landmark infrastructure projects in Israel.


Micha Tollman head’s the firm’s Project Finance and Infrastructure Practice Group.

Micha has worked on many of Israel’s largest projects in the transport, energy and defence sectors, including on a PPP/ BOT basis, where he has represented owners, major contractors, the State and consultants deliver the projects, as well as advise on complex construction disputes that arise on such projects.

Prior to joining the firm, Micha was a partner in the Project Finance,  and Infrastructure department of Yigal Arnon&Co. after having practiced as a construction lawyer with Allens-Linklaters  in Sydney Australia.

Micha’s experience covers all sectors and industries, namely: transportation, motorways, railway and intercity rail, ministry of defense projects, civil & marine engineering, ports and harbors, renewable & conventional electricity, conversion of waste to energy and large commercial complexes.

Micha represents his clients throughout the projects’ life cycle; from initiation and development, drawing up agreements with EPC and OM contractors, financial closing,  execution of the project, contract administration during the operation and maintenance phase and the sale of the project.

Micha has deep knowledge and understanding of design- build and build only contracts and  advises clients on delay, disruption and prolongation claims, as well as on settlements of such claims, where he applies  his mediation skills and qualification.

Additionally, Micha has experience representing international clients bid on foreign military financing projects administered by Israel’s Ministry of Defense mission in New York.

Micha lectures at professional infrastructure and construction panels, and in his reserve duty serves as a legal officer with IDF legal corps international division.

Micha regularly acts on Israel’s largest, and most challenging projects, such as:


  • Represented a bidder in the award of the Ministry of Defense BOT for the Finance, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance project to have the IDF’s logistics centers combined in three centers in northern, central, and southern Israel under one unified command
  • Represented a bidder in the Ministry of Defense BOT for the Finance, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of an IDF training base known as “Ir Habahadim“;
  • Represented a bidder in the Ministry of Defense BOT for the Finance, Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance project for the transfer of the IDF IT Corps and air force units to the South of Israel, Kiryat Ha’tikshuv Technological Base;


  • Represented a bidder in the award of the tender for the construction of the new Haifa harbor known as the – Hamifratz Port;


  • Represented a bidder in the award of a PPP/ PFI tender for the delivery of the Highway 16 Project;

Intercity Light Rail (NTA)

  • Represented bidders on the Metropolitan Mass Transit System Eastern Segment, Western Segment, Carlibach Station, and SDAG tenders for the construction of the light rail Red Line project in Tel Aviv;
  • Represented Government company nominated to deliver the light rail to Tel Aviv, manage and negotiate amendments to the red line Rolling Stock supply and maintenance contract with Chinese supplier;
  • Represented government company nominated to deliver the light rail to Tel Aviv prepare the operation contract and administer the operation tender;

Intercity Light Rail (JTMT and JNET)

  • Represented the State on negotiating extensions and branches to the existing red line, and negotiate the Supply and Maintenance of additional Rolling Stock to existing Red Line in Jerusalem;
  • Represent the project sponsor in the negotiation of the project agreements on the JNET financial close;

National Railway

  • Represented a Rolling Stock manufacturer bid in a Supply and Maintenance tender for the provision of Double Deck Electric Rolling Stock procured by Israel Railway;


  • Represented an international consortium bid on the Fifth Water System for Jerusalem, on a tender administered by Mekorot;

Conventional Energy

  • Represented an international bidder, as well as the EPC Contractor on the 450 megawatt Combined Cycle Power Plant in Beer Tuvia;
  • Represented an international EPC Contractor in the Ramat Gavriel and Alon Tavor Power Plants negotiate subcontracts and consultancy agreements;

Represented an international EPC:

  • on settlement of claims on Delek Sorek 144 MegaWatt Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant;
  • bid on the Etgal Ashdod 186 MegaWatt open cycle peaking natural gas power plant; and
  • bid and settle claims on the Hadera Paper combined cycle power plant;
  • Represented a major subcontractor in litigious proceedings on the 435 Mega-Watt Tallawara power plant, in New South Wales Australia;

Renewable Energy

  • Represented the EPC and OM on 5 PV solar energy farms of 35MegaWatt in the Negev;
  • Represented an SPC deliver dozens of mid-size solar projects serving kibbutzim, agricultural properties, municipalities, schools, sport gymnasiums recreational facilities, and industrial factories;

Pumped Storage:

  • Represented the developer of a pumped storage project in Jerusalem in the initiation phase with the Electricity Authority;


  • Represented the developer of a wind farm in norther Israel negotiate wind turbine supply and maintenance agreements with international manufacturers, and the balance of plant agreement;

Commercial complex

Represented developers negotiate the EPC contract for completion of an abandoned shopping mall in Sydney, and claim against the terminating Contractor

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