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Limor (Lara) Sandler

  • Partner, Health Services, Hospitals and Health Corporations Practice Group
  • Tel Aviv


With over 20 years of experience, Limor (Lara) Sandler is actively involved in all aspects of corporate, commercial, and tender laws, and has extensive experience in representing Israel’s leading medical centers, health corporations, and private hospitals.

Her work includes providing counsel and advice on a broad range of corporate and commercial matters to leading companies in the fields of medicine, pharma, biotechnology, medical and information systems, medical technologies services, and digital health. She has been involved in handling commercial agreements including clinical trials and licensing agreements for hospitals and medical institutions; medical research and development agreements with and against leading entrepreneurs, and companies in Israel and worldwide; procurement of supply and logistics of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and technologies; providing legal counsel for regulatory interactions and governing bodies; structuring and drafting tenders, including providing legal counsel to tender committees and representing her clients in tenders law matters. Limor also leads global projects with international hospitals, universities, research, and academic institutions.

Limor’s clients range from Israeli top leading hospitals and health corporations to private companies with special expertise in the medical health fields.