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Gabriel Shakour

  • Scientific Advisor
  • Tel Aviv
Gabriel Brings years of experience in medical device development focusing on neuroscience, VLSI and Device process, and startups.


Gabriel is a patent attorney intern in Pearl Cohen STEM Patent Group.

Gabriel earned his BSc in Electric Engineering at the Technion-IIT, Computers and Nanoelectronics specialization in 2012.

Gabriel was member of the Nuclear Magnetic Response Lab group as a student intern, where he took part in developing a system for measuring NMR signals using earth’s magnetic field and a miniature MRI device for early prostate cancer detection.

Prior to joining Pearl Cohen, Gabriel was a Quality and Reliability engineer at Intel Haifa Q&R division until 2016, where he developed methodologies for intel process device reliability focusing on electromigration and electrostatic protection.

In the last few years Gaby was the Co-founder and Israel site manager of Tech InnoSphere Engineering LTD., a medical device start-up developing a non-invasive brain stimulator to treat ADHD. Gabriel lead the R&D activities for developing the non-invasive brain stimulator while overseeing the clinical and regulatory activities.


Earth field NMR with chemical shift spectral resolution: Theory and proof of concept