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Francis Toriello, Ph.D.

  • Patent Attorney/ Agent
  • New York
Francis Toriello is a Patent Agent and experienced Astrophysics Researcher with a demonstrated history working in higher education teaching and research, including conception, design, experimentation, analysis, and publishing results of a study.


Francis Toriello is a Patent Agent in the New York office of Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz. His experience consists of research at the Syracuse University Astrophysics and Surface Science Research Laboratory where he studied the conditions of and the chemical processes that occur in the formation of proto-planetary systems via the collapse of cold dense molecular clouds within the interstellar medium.

In addition to his experience with Astrophysics research he has also conducted research with the Syracuse University High Energy LHCb particle physics group in which he studied, tested, and characterized proto-type microstrip silicon diode detectors and analyzed particle collision LHC data in search of the theoretically predicted dibaryon-type hexaquarks. Previously, as an undergraduate at Columbia University, he held his first research assistantship with the VERITAS team where his work primarily pertained to the design and characterization of the optics that control the alignment of the ground-based mirror array telescope system.



  • Professor Lloyd Motz Scholarship
  • Dean’s List Columbia University
  • Graduated from Columbia University Magna Cum Laude
  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa