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David (Didi) San

  • Senior Associate, IL Health Services, Hospitals and Health Corporations Practice Group
  • Tel Aviv


David San specializes in health, regulation, corporate governance, and legislation, representing a variety of constitutional law issues in the high court.

His work includes all aspects of commercial and administrative law, providing ongoing advice to corporations, writing commercial engagements, negotiating terms, drafting agreements, and conflict resolution. He has been involved in representing petitions at high courts and labor courts, negotiating regulations, and corporate governance.

David also serves as a mediator, and previously served as a public policy researcher at the Policy Institute and as a research assistant at the Supreme Court.

David’s clients range from leading hospitals to private companies and NGOs in Israel. He represents large hospitals, top corporations, and funds, as well as private companies and NGOs, all in the field of medical health care, elderly care, and workers’ guilds.