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Tel Aviv District Court Overrules Ramot’s Lawsuit Against StoreDot Over License Agreement

Publications / Aug 30, 2016

StoreDot, the nanotechnology materials pioneer known for its super-fast battery charging technology, is announcing today that the Tel Aviv District Court has decided in favor of StoreDot to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Ramot with prejudice. Managing Partner Zeev Pearl, Senior Partner Yossi Markovich and Associate Maya Kanter represented StoreDot in this unprecedented suit.

In its suit, Ramot claimed that StoreDot had breached its License Agreement with Ramot and that StoreDot’s innovative technology stems from research done at Tel Aviv University. Ramot also claimed that StoreDot’s groundbreaking Intellectual Property (IP) is related to Service Inventions created by TAU researchers.

Tel Aviv District Court has appointed two experts, respected professors in their fields, in order to evaluate Ramot’s claims and StoreDot’s technology. The experts had unambiguously reached the conclusion that Ramot had presented baseless claims.

In light of the expert’s opinion, Ramot retracted from its claim against StoreDot following the court’s recommendation to do so. Therefore, the court overruled the suit with prejudice.

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