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Mee (Mae) Hoe-Castleberry is Of Counsel to the Life Science Practice Group at Pearl Cohen's New York office. Mee’s practice focuses on patent matters, including drafting patent applications, patent prosecution, patent counseling and portfolio management in the biotechnology space. Her technical background includes cellular biology and protein transport, molecular biology, immunology, microbiology and consumer medical products.

Prior to joining Pearl Cohen, Mee was a private consultant and an associate in the San Francisco office of Cooley, LLP. Before attending law school in the United Kingdom, she was a scientific advisor at Kenyon & Kenyon (now Andrews Kurth Kenyon). Mee co-founded Mojave Therapeutics with Professor James E. Rothman (2013 Nobel Laureate in Medicine) at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. At Mojave, she was Associate Director of Intellectual Property and Technology Assessment and Senior Scientist. She was a post-doctoral fellow with Professor Rothman and with Professor Graham Warren at Cancer Research UK (formerly Imperial Cancer Research Fund) in London. Mee holds eleven patents world-wide.


  • New York State Bar
  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office


Benjamin N. Cardoza School of Law, New York, NY. LL.M. (Intellectual Property), 2007

Queen Mary University of London School of Law. LL.B., 2005

University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. Ph.D. (Biomedical Science), 1990

Illinois State University, Normal, IL. M.S. (Microbiology), 1985

Illinois State University, Normal, IL. B.S. (Biology, minor in Chemistry, Honors), 1983




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