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US Immigration

Our immigration practice group has the necessary knowledge to determine the best options available to execute the desired strategy.


The U.S. Immigration Practice Group focuses on assisting individuals and entities of all sizes to obtain, and retain, foreign talent by acting as guides and advocates when dealing with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Customs and Border Protection, the Department of State, via its visa-issuing consular posts throughout the world, and the Department of Labor. Additionally, we help our domestic clients, businesses with or without alien employees, to stay in compliance with mandated Employment Eligibility Verification requirements, to implement the E-Verify program, or to prepare for, or respond to, worksite audits by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Whether our client is an existing U.S. business with no alien workers, a foreign business seeking to enter the U.S. market for the first time, a multi-million dollar entity with offices around the globe, a U.S. company seeking Permanent Lawful Resident status for a prized employee, or an executive seeking to procure an immigrant visa for a relative or to naturalize, our group provides the necessary knowledge to ascertain the best options available and the legal acumen to execute the desired strategy.

Our Group’s services include assisting individuals and companies to secure:

  • Skilled Worker visas for those in a “Specialty Occupation,” with a bachelor’s degree, its equivalent, or an advanced degree, as well as for fashion models;
  • Intracompany transfers of managers and executives as well as transferees with “Specialty Knowledge,” for new and existing U.S. entities;
  • Individuals and companies seeking to transact business in the U.S., subject to an existing treaty, either as an investor or trader;
  •  Visas for individuals who possess extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, or who have demonstrated a record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry;
  • Internationally recognized athletes and members of an internationally recognized entertainment group;
  • Canadian and Mexican professionals under the North American Free Trade Agreement;
  • Exchange visitors under approved programs for professors or scholars, research assistants, trainees and teachers;
  • Temporary business visitors, for those with, or without, advanced degrees in the sciences;
  • Employment Authorization Documents;
  • Relative sponsored immigrant visas;
  • Citizenship via naturalization or application;
  • Reentry permits to allow Lawful Permanent Residents to remain outside the U.S. for up to two years; and
  • Investment based “EB-5” immigrant visas for those seeking to invest between $500,000 and $1,000,000 directly into a new company or via an approved Regional Center.

Our Group’s services also include:

  • Employee handbook review and augmentation to ensure that the stated policies reflect current laws and trends pertaining to Employment Eligibility Verification compliance, and employees working in the U.S. subject to a work-authorized visa or an Employment Authorization Document;
  • Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 sample and global audits;
  • Best practices training with regard to Employment Eligibility Verification form completion, storage and maintenance;
  • E-Verify program implementation;
  • Due diligence reviews of premerger targets to ascertain both the effect a merger may have on existing alien workers and to identify what, if any, liability may exist due to the target’s Employment Eligibility Verification compliance policies and practices.