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Health Services, Hospitals, and Health Corporations

The Health Services, Hospitals, and Health Corporations Practice Group has amassed extensive knowledge in advising and providing legal counsel to health and medical systems in all areas of their operation.


Pearl Cohen’s Health Services, Hospitals, and Health Corporations Practice Group’s vast knowledge of the regulations in the field, coupled with its longstanding familiarity with the Israeli health system and its specific needs, enable the Group to provide an effective service to its clients in their commercial operations and when engaging with the health authorities of the State of Israel. The Group provides comprehensive and ongoing legal counsel to the lion’s share of hospitals and health institutions in Israel, public and private alike, as well as facilitating connections and collaborations between them. This includes HMOs in Israel, health clinics and medical institutions, nuclear medicine facilities, and more.

Among the various legal services, the Group provides legal counsel on regulatory affairs and knowledge-based transactions related to medicine; representation before health authorities and government offices; expert advice regarding the development of medical products, including conducting various types of testing such as clinical trials and medical device evaluations; advice on the establishment of medical projects around the world and collaborations to provide services and implement medical knowledge; commercialization of medical knowledge products as intellectual property; and cooperation with health institutions and places of higher education to develop the health sector in Israel. In addition, the Group provides ongoing, full legal services for all aspects related to the acquisition, supply, and logistics surrounding medications, medical equipment, and all things required by health corporations, as well as licensing and registration of medications and licensing for medical devices and supplies.

Moreover, the Group specializes in administrative and commercial law using its unique expertise, and many years of experience in tender laws, including closely guiding the Group’s clients as they manage tender procedures and render decisions. The Group members guide tender committees and clients issuing tenders themselves, from the stage of determining their professional needs, up until the selection of a supplier; in addition to guiding private commercial entities bidding for tenders and representing public and private organizations in administrative appeals.

The Group also provides civil and commercial litigation, including Supreme Court cases.

The Group’s clients include, aside from state and private health corporations, friend’s associations of hospitals, statutory bodies, private healthcare providers, health companies, and more.

In addition, the Group provides and has provided comprehensive legal services throughout the years to those involved in special areas of medicine such as mental health, psychology, rehabilitation, and senior citizen issues. Legal counsel is also provided to audit and quality control committees, inspection committees, ethics committees and institutional committees at medical and health institutions and for health professions.

The Group has also provided its legal counsel services to the Israeli Knesset, the Israeli government, and the state authorities. Special attention is also dedicated to defending personal rights in all areas of health and medicine; as well as unique, special projects in the field of health, such as providing legal counsel during the incorporation of hospitals affiliated with HMOs, and more.