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IT Support Specialist for our offices in Tel Aviv

Our IT department at Pearl Cohen is seeking a professional IT support specialist for our offices in Tel Aviv with the ability to cooperate with and provide excellent service in a growing organization  and a self-learner with a technical background in the PC, Microsoft and TCP / IP suites.


  • Minimum three years of experience with recommendations
  • Experience with troubleshooting and resolving issues concerning hardware and PC
  • Experience with Office 365
  • Experience with AZURE cloud infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of user management group policy organizations in the Microsoft suite.
  • Experience and troubleshooting in WIN 10 + Sever systems 2016/12
  • Experience with TCP / IP communications

If you are qualified and interested in working at one of Israel’s leading law firms, at the heart of entrepreneurship and technology legal practice, please send us your resume with a cover letter to