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Permanent Injunction Entered Against Price-Meister

Publications / Nov 23, 2017

On November 17th Pearl Cohen achieved a fast and favorable resolution of a theft of trade secrets case only 10 days after filing the complaint. Representing client, Broker Genius, the New York litigation team first obtained a Temporary Restraining Order against the infringer. The court set an expedited discovery schedule and a date for the Preliminary Injunction hearing in December. But, persuaded by the evidence marshaled by Pearl Cohen and its expert Dr. Eric Koskinen, the infringing parties consented to a permanent injunction removing the Price-Meister product from the market. What could have been a long and expensive path to judgment was avoided and the client’s goal was achieved in under two weeks. The matter was handled by Veronica Mullally Munoz, Daniel Melman, Miriam Tyrell, Nathan Renov and Ari Farkas.