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Pearl Cohen Haifa Announces Office Move

Firm News / Sep 04, 2014

Pearl Cohen is pleased to announce the recent move of the Haifa Office to new premises on top of the Sail Tower – a landmark building in the heart of Haifa’s downtown business district. Overlooking Haifa port and Haifa bay, our Haifa Office is now located adjacent to the Haifa Courts of Law and governmental offices, within a walking distance from Haifa Central railway staition, and easily accesible from the north via highway 22 and from the south via the coastal road.

“This move places us inside the Haifa business district, increases our accessabilty, offering new prospects of work and cooperation”, said Doron Sieradzki, partner (Israeli lawyer and patent attorney), leading the Haifa Office.

The new office is located at the 25th floor, Sail Tower, 15 Pal Yam Ave., Haifa, tel: +972 (0)77-5444-818