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Pearl Cohen participates in an international panel at the annual conference of the Israeli Bar Association’s Districts

Events / Jun 08, 2015

As Israel’s leading International law firm, Pearl Cohen – represented by Partner Hadar Solomon, took part in the international panel at the Israeli Bar Association’s District annual conference last week.

The panel dealt with questions regarding the transformation of the business world and the legal sector into a unique global village and Israel’s role in this new world.

When asked “How and when Pearl Cohen decided to become an international law firm?”, Hadar Solomon replied “We simply followed our clients. Our core clientele are high tech companies. They go global – we go global. They require global patent and IP protection; they form global subsidiaries; they face litigation and disputes abroad and they contract with global parties (distributors; licensee; manufacturers; investors, etc.). Hence, in 2002 we decided to go global and opened our first office in NY.”

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