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New Designs Law Approved

General / Aug 01, 2017

Following the great efforts of the past two years, the Israeli Knesset has approved the new Designs Law, which will replace the Patent and Design Act from 1924.
This process was led by Pearl Cohen’s IP Litigation team, that participated in all discussions of the law at the Economic Affairs Committee, expressed their opinions regarding each paragraph and directly influenced the amendments and changes made to this unique law by presenting comparative analysis.

The new Design Law, which will go into effect next year includes innovative additions that our team ensured will be included, for the sake of strengthening the IP Law and continuing to protect the rights of our many clients in this field.
Furthermore, the law states that designs will remain valid for 25 years instead of 15, extends the validity of old designs (that are already registered) to 18 years, protects new, unregistered designs for a period of 3 years, creates a compensation function without proving damages for up to NIS 100,000 in the case of infringement, allows Customs to act when infringing merchandise is imported, and turns design infringement into a felony.