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Naming new Partners and Senior Patent Professionals

Firm News / Jan 01, 2017

Welcoming 2017, Pearl Cohen is continuing to grow and evolve.

We are welcoming the new year by naming our top professionals Partners and Senior Patent Professionals!

In the U.S., Dr. Craig Puckett is named Partner, and Milo Eadan is named Senior Patent Agent, both are of the Patents Group in New York.

In Israel, Adar Altman (Corporate & Licensing Group), Tammy Hevorny Zoppo (Capital Markets & Securities Group), Yael Shimon-Many (Hi-Tech Group), Dr. Maya Lakstein (M&A), and Netta Nashilevich (Patents Group) are named Partners.  Dr. Ophir Tal (Patents) in named Senior Patent Attorney.

We are confident that the hard work and dedication that has characterized their work to date will be even better demonstrated in our effort to provide our clients with top notch legal representation.