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Netherlands Desk

Pearl Cohen’s Netherlands Desk regularly advises Dutch businesses and entrepreneurs investing and carrying out transactions in Israel, as well as Israeli companies and investors seeking to expand their operations to Europe.


With a rich and renowned entrepreneurial history, the Netherlands has traditionally been known as one of the foremost epicenters of international business activity. Conveniently situated at the heart of North-Western Europe, the Netherlands is widely regarded among the foremost international activity hubs worldwide, particularly for foreign businesses seeking to expand their operations to Europe and the rest of the world. The various historical and structural similarities between Israel and the Netherlands, combined with a strong focus on a range of sectors which have traditionally been mutually essential to both countries, have provided for a longstanding, robust tradition of fertile Dutch-Israeli commercial, diplomatic and cultural ties.

Comprised of a multicultural and highly tech-oriented team, the Netherlands Desk at Pearl Cohen actively supports both Israeli businesses seeking to expand abroad and penetrate the European market, as well as Dutch companies and funds seeking to invest in innovative Israeli technology and structure a wide array of strategic, commercial and financial collaborations in all sectors of Israel’s famed thriving innovation & technology ecosystem, with a strong emphasis on the AgriTech, MedTech, Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals, Cyber Security, SaaS, and FinTech industries.

Our clients range from early-stage technology companies to MNC’s and from prominent micro VC’s to global CVC’s and private equity funds, whom we represent in diverse types of corporate and financing transactions, including initial formation and establishment of local legal entities, seed and late stage financing, licensing and technology transfer transactions, development of commercial relationships and expansion abroad, mergers or acquisitions of the assets or securities of such corporations, and more.

The broad and well-established network of prominent professionals from various strata of the Dutch legal, technological and governmental sectors, coupled with our distinctive practical experience and familiarity with the languages, cultures and business climates in both Israel and the Netherlands, enables us to offer a uniquely broad range of top-notch services to clients seeking to explore opportunities in Israel, the Netherlands and beyond.