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Our Internet group is a prime destination for clients seeking the most comprehensive and joined-up advice on a raft of pressing issues


As the Internet continues to rapidly evolve and constantly drive the global economy to new heights, business growth depends on an acute understanding of the ways in which the ever-changing legal landscape applies to newly developed and advanced digital technologies. Our priority is to advise and assist our clients at all stages to prudently leverage the opportunities – and mitigate the legal risks – associated with the dynamic transformation of the technology sector.

Pearl Cohen’s Internet group is a prime destination for clients seeking the most comprehensive and joined-up advice on a raft of pressing issues. Our experienced team comprises of the most savvy and informed lawyers, experienced in enforcing and defending a company’s rights on the Internet.

Operating as one integrated team across our offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel empowers clients with immediate and unparalleled access to one of the largest and international IP teams, with a deep pool of resources to ensure that clients protect themselves in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Cyber and Internet practice group has accumulated decades of experience counseling clients on the law as applied to the Internet and cyberspace. Our attorneys thoroughly grasp new Internet-driven technologies and have conquered precedent-setting legal work on Internet-related issues. Representative topics we have handled in this domain include:

  • Liability of online platforms for defamatory speech, infringing material or privacy-invading content available through them
  • Application of the Israeli penal code to online gambling sites
  • Contracts for constructing and maintaining Internet websites and Internet-based systems
  • Legal best practices for online distribution of software and their automatic installers
  • Surreptitious access to Internet subscribers’ emails, by investigative authorities
  • Online protection and licensing of intellectual property
  • Preparing Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and Copyright Policies for online platforms
  • Application of privacy laws and consumer protection laws to e-commerce
  • Application of the Israeli legal framework governing use of encryption, to online activities.
  • The do’s and don’ts of we linking, web crawling and scraping

Additionally, in recent years, regulatory agencies are becoming more attuned to cyber and cyber-security, issuing various guidelines in this realm. The legal framework governing the use of IT systems at businesses is also significantly adjusting to cyber and cyber-security. Pearl Cohen’s seasoned Cyber and Internet practice group fuses intimate knowledge of cyber law and cyber security regulations with deep technical and business understanding of cyber-oriented companies. We counsel clients on all legal aspects of their cyber operations and cyber-defense activities, and guide them on the measures they need to take in order to comply with the legal standards applicable to their activities in cyberspace.

Among the group’s legacy litigation cases, we handled a first of its kind lawsuit in the early days of the Israeli Internet, dealing with a court order issued to an Internet access provider compelling it to produce to the IDF the e-mail correspondence of subscribers. This precedent ended with the State Attorney conceding to a substantial number of the arguments raised by the access provider. The State conceded that intercepting e-mail messages before they had reached the provider’s computers amounts to wiretapping and is therefore permissible only with a court order specifically designated to electronic eavesdropping.