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As the Internet continues to rapidly evolve and constantly drive the global economy to new heights, business growth depends on acute understanding of the ways in which the ever-changing legal landscape applies to newly developed and advanced digital technologies. Our priority is to advise and assist our clients at all stages to prudently leverage the opportunities – and mitigate the legal risks – associated with the dynamic transformation of the technology sector.

Pearl Cohen’s Internet group is a prime destination for clients seeking the most comprehensive and joined-up advice on a raft of pressing issues. Our experienced team of heavy hitters comprises the most savvy and informed lawyers, experienced in enforcing and defending a company’s rights on the Internet.

Clients are reassured by our close collaboration with our other prolific departments to assist on matters involving breaches of copyright and other IP rights in relation to data, content and images, the unlawful use or disclosure of personal data, regulatory, privacy, cyber-squatting, and much more.

Operating as one integrated team across our offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel empowers clients with immediate and unparalleled access to one of the largest and international IP teams, with a deep pool of resources to ensure that clients protect themselves in an ever-changing landscape.