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Our Hi-Tech group assists clients in securing funding, protecting IP, and navigating the regulatory environment


Whether you are an emerging start-up, an established hi-tech company, an investment fund, a private investor or an entrepreneur, the pace and intrusion of technology in all areas of the economy offers both exciting prospects and unique challenges.

Recognizing the relentless pace and pressure for those involved in the hi-tech sector, Pearl Cohen’s seasoned Hi-Tech group assists clients in securing funding, protecting intellectual property, and navigating the regulatory environment by providing comprehensive, innovative and integrated advice to help them grow their place in the market.

Our extensive and loyal client roster comprises Fortune 500 and small-cap emerging companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, companies traded on worldwide stock markets, venture capital funds, CVC’s as well as academic research institutions and government-related entities.

These clients turn to Pearl Cohen throughout their corporate journey, from the pre-incorporation stage, the formation of their entities and the protection of their most valuable assets: their intellectual property, uniquely providing coverage for IP on a global level. In addition, we advise venture capital funds and corporate venture funds in their investments, be it early stage investments through growth investment as well as through venture lending transactions. We also advise on the export of the company’s technology through various corporate transactions, including fundraising, M&As, relocation, IPOs and more, always taking into consideration the specific needs of the client.

Our professionals constitute one global team, collaborating seamlessly from our offices in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv and Haifa, to bring the highest level of service and experience to our clients, who benefit from our professionals’ diverse backgrounds and intimate knowledge of all cutting-edge sectors, including artificial intelligence, foodtech, fintech, cybersecurity, cannabis and many more.