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China Desk

Our China Desk represents Chinese companies operating in Israel, as well as Chinese funds, strategic and corporate investors.


With offices in Tel Aviv and in-depth knowledge of the Israeli market, Pearl Cohen’s China Desk is a prime destination for Chinese companies operating in Israel, as well as Chinese funds, strategic and corporate investors, and joint Chinese-Israeli ventures. We assist them achieve their business goals in Israel, providing a thorough understanding of local regulatory infrastructure, experience in legal and Intellectual Property due diligence of target companies and technologies, as well as acting as skilled negotiators where we efficiently draft transaction documents and smoothly close deals.

Pearl Cohen acts for major Chinese companies in several different fields, including representing Chinese construction and infrastructure companies undertaking projects in Israel, as well as leading Chinese investors and operational companies in their acquisition of Israeli assets & technologies.

Additionally, we assist Israeli entities in setting up their operations and entering into joint ventures and commercial transactions in China by forming local entities or contracting with Chinese parties e.g. distributors, manufacturers and suppliers.

Our professionals have expertise in numerous legal fields including global commercial agreements, IP protection and registration assignments, joint ventures, corporate, commercial and IP due diligence, M&A transactions, R&D programs and much more.

Operating as one global team, our experience, language and business culture allow for a wider perspective and a deeper understanding of the legal systems, business deals and commercial trends in these bountiful markets.