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Germany Desk

The Germany Desk advises businesses and entrepreneurs investing in and carrying out transactions in Germany.


As a fertile ground for investment, Germany is one of the most technologically advanced countries, not only in the European Union but also in the world. A frontrunner in innovation, Germany has been attracting investors and entrepreneurs for many years.

The Germany Desk at Pearl Cohen actively supports both German and Israeli companies expanding their businesses to each of these markets, drawing on our vast experience accumulated through providing legal services in cross-border transactions, setting up local business operations and technology development centers, as well as in resolving legal disputes.

Our clients include companies at all stages of development, size and type, for which we handle the full gamut of corporate transactions, from initial formation, seed and late stage financing, through development of commercial relationships and expansion abroad, and up to mergers or acquisitions of the assets or securities of such corporations. We further represent some of Germany’s leading corporations, both private and publicly owned companies, in their activities in Israel, as well as German strategic and VC investors seeking opportunities in the highly innovative Israeli hi-tech (with emphasis on mobility and finance) and bio-tech industries. We have gain valuable experience assisting German corporate VCs on their investments in Israeli tech companies, while combining commercial transactions and financing deals.

We act for a growing number of top tier German companies on their legal matters – recently DEKRA and Hasso Plattner Ventures, as well as BMW, VW, Audi, Bayer, Sanofi, Diehl and smaller companies like Byke, operating the Wind e-scooters service in Tel Aviv. These clients are just a partial list spanning many industries, including computers & software, cyber & internet, life sciences & pharmaceuticals, medical technology, automotive, defense & aerospace, agriculture and many other industries in their dealings with counterparts in Germany, Israel, the US and Europe.

Furthermore, the robust connections our Germany practice team has established with firms and advisors operating in the junction between Israel and Germany, distinguishes Pearl Cohen and enables us to offer prompt legal services, based on the latest local information, profound understanding of business attitude and mentality of both German and Israeli clients. This helps ensures businesses and investors realize their full potential in one of the world’s most lucrative markets.