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Australia Desk

Our Australia team commercial expertise allows them to guide our clients with the practical knowledge of doing business in this exciting new market.


The technology ecosystem in Israel continues to attract interest from far and wide, and Australia is no exception. With offices in the US, Israel, and the UK, Pearl Cohen provides advice on the full spectrum of cross-border international commercial transactions, including taxation, hi-tech, intellectual property protection, capital markets and M&A, and listing on the ASX. Since the launch of Australian government programs, such as Landing Pad and the establishment of the new Australian Trade and Defence office in Jerusalem, Australian companies, investors, and established players have been looking to expand into major global innovations hubs, with Israel as a specific target.

The Australian Securities Market (ASX) has evolved from its original focus on natural resources companies to become one of the leading trading platforms for technology start-ups. As such, this development has led to an inevitable relationship with both the US-based NASDAQ exchange and the technologically oriented Israeli market, with over two dozen Israeli start-ups registered on the ASX since 2016 alone. With our vast understanding of the commercial and legal issues facing start-ups, Pearl Cohen’s Australia team provides clients with the practical knowledge of doing business in this vibrant market, hosting investor delegations from Australia, and working closely with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Australian Trade and Defence office to assist build a bridge between Israeli and Australian business players.

We advise Australian investors and companies that seek to do business in Israel and always strive to ensure our ASX-listed clients compliant with both Israeli and Australian laws as well as build strong relationships with investors. As Israel and Australia have recently entered into a double taxation treaty, Pearl Cohen is in the perfect position to assist with tax planning in which parties from Israel Australia and the US are involved.

Operating as one global team from offices in the United States and Israel, we help clients understand how to register in Australia, what to expect from long-term investors and how those investors behave. Furthermore, with a strong foothold in the US, we act as a bridge connecting start-up clients to Tel Aviv, Sydney, New York, and Hong Kong, a distinct advantage when they are preparing for life as a publicly-traded company. Our firm’s worldwide presence and professional capabilities allow us to deliver tailored services to suit the needs of our Australian clients as well as Israeli clients establishing Australian operations or listing on the ASX.