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Pearl Cohen and ACC hosts the Bio-Med Conference on Patent Strategy

Events / Dec 23, 2015

Pearl Cohen and ACC hosted a joint seminar on patent strategy in the bio-med industry for in-house counsel in this industry. Senior Partner Mark Cohen, Chair of the Life Sciences Group discussed legal perspectives of patent strategy, its implications and risks, covering unique intellectual property prosecution and opinion issues, and due diligence matters in the bio-medical field.

Shai Novik, Founder & President of OPKO Biologics and Yaakov Michlin, CEO & President of Yissum Research Development Company presented the commercial perspective of patent strategy and shared their opinion on how lawyers can become constructive in this industry.

Also participated and shared their inputs: Hili Rashkovan, Partner at Pearl Cohen’s Corporate and Licensing Group, David Schuz, Executive VP of Foamix Pharmaceuticals, Sharon Hausdorff, VP and General Patent Counsel at Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, Rony Krysler Atlas, VP of Intellectual Property at Hobart Group, Tal Sines, Director of the IP department at Hadasit Medical Research Services & Developments and Ilan Miller, IP and Medical Information Manager at Dexcel Pharma.