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Albaad vs Edegwell

General / Dec 23, 2019

The business section of Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper published an article featuring a patent lawsuit in which our Israelí client prevailed against a much larger competitor.

Our client, Albaad, which manufactures private label tampons and other hygiene products, was sued in Delaware when they entered the United States market by one of the leading global manufacturers of feminine care products, Edgewell, for allegedly infringing several of their patents.

The article describes the complex challenges faces by a small company battling US litigation for almost 4 years, and the favorable outcome for our client (including on appeal), dismissing the entire case against them on all patents.

The litigation was led by Guy Yonay and David Loewenstein and orchestrated by Zeev Pearl.

The article reflects our unique capabilities in managing cross-border cases and particularly, our expertise in US intellectual property litigation.

For the full article in Hebrew click HERE